Say No to Gas!

Bevillingstype: Udviklingsindsats
Projekt start: 2/1/2020
Projekt slut: 1/31/2022
Ansøgningsrunde: Udviklingsindsats
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Bevilliget beløb: kr. 1,038,962.00
Samlet budget: kr. 1,038,962.00
Organisation: Global Aktion - Mennesker & miljø før profit
Lokal partner: JA! Justiça Ambiental - Friends of the Earth Mozambique

The gas rush in the Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique has resulted in numerous human rights violations for the local communities living in the area. 556 families from the villages of Milamba and Quitupo have been forcefully removed without appropriate compensation, which has severe implications for their livelihoods. A previous intervention carried out by Global Aktion (GA) and Justiça Ambiental (JA!) allowed for the development of a knowledge base about the impacts of the gas projects in Cabo Delgado thus far, and the need for local capacity building and mobilisation in the face of exploitation by transnational corporations. This intervention will thus employ a new strategy, focusing on capacity building of affected communities, establishing JA! as a watchdog in the region, and creating a global campaign to put pressure on the gas companies and their investors to cease their operations and respect the legal and human rights of local communities.

Overordnet mål:
Local communities in Cabo Delgado are mobilised and empowered to stand up to the gas extraction industry, and to ensure that they are properly compensated. The gas industry and its investors are pressured to stop or delay their projects. If the projects do continue, they do so with respect for human rights and the environment.

Ummidelbar mål:
1. The local communities in the Cabo Delgado Province are empowered and provided with the tools necessary to defend their human and legal rights, and to strengthen their democratic community structures. 2. JA! has established itself as a watchdog through systematic and continuous monitoring together with the communities affected in Cabo Delgado. 3. The campaign 'Say No to Gas!' is significantly pressuring central actors in the gas industry (companies, investors, and governments of the companies involved) and Danish pension funds to stop a second wave of projects and investments and to ensure that the present companies do not harm the environment and the local communities.

Primary target groups: 1. The communities of Milamba, Quitupo, Senga, Bara Barane, Maganja, Ngonji, Macala, Mangala, Ncalanga, and Monjane. (Totalling to more than 2500 families). 2. Involved gas industry players (corporations and contracotrs: Total, Eni, Exxon Mobil, Andarko, etc.) Secondary target groups: 3. International Media 4. International civil society, networks, activists, and local/international research groups 5. Government officials in the countries of company headquarters (of target group 2)

1.1 By January 2022, JA! has built up the capacities of at least two communities in Cabo Delgado Province so that they know their human and legal rights and thereby have the ability to act against corporate power. 1.2 By January 2022, the affected Cabo Delgado communities will have learned new methods on how to organize themselves and have built solidarity with other communities affected by extraction industries. 1.3 By the end of the intervention the local communities will be trained to use their smartphones to document effects of gas extraction. 2.1 By the end of the intervention JA! and the affected communities have created an online database so that the consequences of extractivism from gas companies are documented, made accessible and transparent. 2.2 By the end of the intervention JA! have documented and produced a report on the effects of the broader industrialisation and secondary industries related to gas extraction on local communities. 3.1 By the end of the intervention, governments, shareholders, investors and industry players in the gas industry have been repeatedly pressured through systematic advocacy efforts to take action with regards to the consequences of gas extraction on the affected communities. 3.2 By the end of the intervention, the campaign 'Say No to Gas!' has informed and mobilised the affiliated global civil society networks, as well as the general public, to put pressure on the Mozambican government and central players in the industry. 3.3 By the end of the intervention, Danish civil society and pension funds are aware of the consequences of investments in the gas industry.